Astrodynamics, Space Flight Mechanics, and Exploration Systems Design Laboratory


Astrodynamics Lab.は,宇宙研ならではの宇宙探査ミッションへの応用を中心としたアストロダイナミクス(宇宙飛行力学)の研究をしています.研究テーマは,実応用と物理原理の結びつきを意識したものを目指しており,軌道設計,深宇宙探査手法の検討,探査機システム設計,GNC(航法・誘導・制御)システムなど多岐にわたり,実験的・解析的アプローチで取り組みます.また,教授をはじめとする宇宙科学研究所に所属する職員の方と研究・プロジェクトを通して交流する機会があり,宇宙探査の最先端の現場で活動します.更に実践的な課題創出と実ミッションへの適用を通じて,"宇宙工学"の本質を体得します.

The Astrodynamics Lab. conducts research on astrodynamics (space flight dynamics) with a focus on applications to space exploration missions, which are unique to ISAS. Our research themes are experimental and analytical approaches, and include trajectory design, deep space exploration methods, spacecraft system design, GNC (navigation, guidance, and control) systems, and so on. In addition, students will have opportunities to interact with professors and other ISAS staff through research and projects, and work at the forefront of space exploration. In addition, students will acquire the essence of "space engineering" through the creation of practical problems and their application to actual missions.

Project x Research

Astrodynamics Lab.ではプロジェクトと研究の関わり合いを大切にしています.JAXAのプロジェクトに携わることによって得た新しい発見から研究テーマが生まれたり,研究で得られた新たな知見を将来のJAXAのプロジェクトに応用したりするなど,2要素の相互作用を通して宇宙工学のスキルを深めていきます.

Astrodynamics Lab. places great importance on the relationship between projects and research, and students deepen their skills in space engineering through the interaction of the two elements: discoveries made through their involvement in JAXA projects lead to research themes, and new knowledge gained through research can be applied to future JAXA projects. The students will deepen their skills in space engineering through the interaction of the two elements.