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Dynamics Analysis of Throw-and-Catch Sample Transfer

Dynamics Analysis of Throw-and-Catch Sample Transfer


The objective of this study is to establish a relative navigation guidance method for rendezvous docking in deep space when the target is far away. This research aims to estimate the relative orbit of the target by estimating the direction of arrival of the beacon emitted by the target.



For deep space sample return missions, the use of landers and a transfer vehicle is considered. In such a mission, a technique for transporting the acquired samples from the landers to the transfer vehicle is required.
This research investigates a throw-and-catch method as a sample transporting method. In this method, the transfer vehicle has a horn wall and equips an electromagnet in the catcher part. The landers throw over the sample container (SC) to the transfer vehicle. The SC is expected to be guided by the horn wall and finally caught by the electromagnet. However, this throw-and-catch method has no proven track record, so whether this method is feasible is not known yet.
In this research, the feasibility of the throw-and-catch method is investigated. For the analysis of the horn wall, an angular relationship derived from a dynamics analysis is used.