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津田教授 初書籍「はやぶさ2 最強ミッションの真実」出版

Prof. Tsuda publishes his first book, "HAYABUSA2: The Truth about the Most Powerful Mission"


はやぶさ2 最強ミッションの真実

津田先生が自身の初書籍「はやぶさ2 最強ミッションの真実」を出版されました.
補遺: 低予算・短期間にもかかわらず,過酷な開発工程と“想定外”ばかりの運用を乗り越えて,小惑星への2度の着陸など数々の「世界初」を成功させた秘訣は何だったのか.科学者や技術者を束ねて期待以上の成果を収めたプロジェクトの中心人物が,知られざる苦闘の道のりを明かし,いかにして複数の“人類初”の偉業を成し遂げたのかを,臨場感とスリルをもって描く唯一無二のドキュメント!(出典:「Book」データベースより)

Prof. Tsuda has published his first book, "Hayabusa2: The Truth about the Most Powerful Mission".
It is a book that describes the Hayabusa2 project in the most realistic and thrilling way possible. Please read it!
Addendum: What was the secret of the Hayabusa2 project's success in achieving a number of "world firsts," including two landings on an asteroid, despite its low budget and short time frame, and overcoming a grueling development process and operations that were full of "unexpected" challenges? This is a one-of-a-kind document that vividly and thrillingly depicts how the central figure of the project, who united scientists and engineers to achieve results beyond expectations, revealed the hidden struggle and achieved multiple "firsts" for mankind! (Reference: "Book" Database)