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高尾さん 宇宙科学振興会 第15回宇宙科学奨励賞 受賞

Dr.Takao received the "Space Science Incentive Award" from Society for Promotion of Space Science


高尾博士 宇宙科学奨励賞 受賞


Dr. Yuki Takao, a staff member of our laboratory until the end of last year, received the "15th Space Science Incentive Award(Space Engineering)" by the Society for Promotion of Space Science!
The award is given to young researchers who have made outstanding research achievements in the field of space science and are expected to play a significant role in the future development of space science. Dr. Yumio was the first in Japan to investigate hybrid propulsion, and was recognized for his demonstration that an ultra-light spacecraft using a solar-powered sail can be used to explore exoplanet regions. In addition, the fact that he is able to link academia and practical use by conducting basic research based on theory to the design of a spacecraft system was also highly evaluated.


宇宙科学振興会 第15回宇宙科学奨励賞 / Space Science Incentive Award, Promotion of Space Science

宇宙科学振興会 第15回宇宙科学奨励賞 表彰式 / Space Science Incentive Award Ceremony, Promotion of Space Science