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TAG-SP スレッド走行試験 at 白老エンジン実験場

TAG-SP Thread Running Test at Shiraoi Engine Testing Center


Start of FY2023

室蘭工業大学航空宇宙機システム研究センターにお伺いし,Touch-and-Go Sampling Probe (以下,TAG-SP)について,100m高速軌道設備を用いたスレッド走行試験を行いました.
コメント: これを機にTAG-SPの活動が広がると嬉しいです. (大木)

We visited the Muroran Institute of Technology Aerospacecraft Systems Research Center to conduct a thread running test of the Touch-and-Go Sampling Probe (hereinafter referred to as TAG-SP) using the 100m high-speed track facility.
Touchdown and ascent technologies of the TAG-SP were tested by running a jet engine-propelled cart on a 100 m long track. Our plan is, after completing the test campaign in this form, the jet engine will be replaced by solid rocket motors for more practical tests.
Three runs were conducted in this test and various findings were obtained for the future realization of TAG-SP.
Comment: I hope this will be an opportunity to expand TAG-SP's activities! (Ohki)


航空宇宙機システム研究センター - 室蘭工業大学 / Aerospace Plane Research Center (APReC), Muroran Institute of Technology.
室工大ニュース JAXA/ISASと探査機の天体着陸・再浮上試験を実施しました / Muroran IT News on 2023/09/12


This research was supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) #22H01689 and by the Future Creation Promotion Fund of Muroran Institute of Technology.

遠方天体表面マルチアクセス技術の実現 -自在な宇宙探査のための探査工学 / Realization of Multi-Access Technology for Distant Object Surfaces - Exploration Engineering for Flexible Space Exploration
未来創造推進経費 - 国立大学法人 室蘭工業大学 / Future Creation Promotion Fund - Muroran Institute of Technology.